Musical Games!

Looking for musical games? Here are several options – for playing indoors, outdoors, online or offline. Use the game packet downloads to play orchestra games with your family in person, play Orchestra Memory online, or check out any of the classic music games for playing anywhere. Want more online musical games? Find them in our games library here.

Orchestra Guess Who

Guess Who is a classic game that is perfect for teaching about the instrument families in the orchestra. It can help children learn about the differences and similarities between instruments. This Orchestra Guess Who features the woodwind and string families.

Guess Who Instruction & Printable Game Booklet

Orchestra Memory

Play this fun memory game online right now or print a downloadable version here to play at home. You can also purchase them in our online store to have a beautiful, packaged set mailed directly to you. Find other online musical games and interactive activities here.

Classic Musical Games

(and some that might be new to you)

Bring back some oldies-but-goodies using the upbeat orchestra playlist below.

  • Musical Chairs – You know this classic game. You can play it with a bigger family or a super frenzied version with just a few people. When you stop the music, everyone has to grab a chair. The person without a chair is out! The last person remaining wins.
  • Freeze! – Similar to musical chairs, when the music stops everybody freezes. Anyone that moves is out!
  • Musical Charades – Write down popular songs on slips of paper. Take turns acting out the song!
  • Musical Hide & Seek – Using a musical toy (or playing music on your phone or device), hide the toy/device somewhere and the child(ren) need to find it by listening for it.
  • Tissue Dance – Give each child a tissue to put on their head. Have them dance to music, but the winner is the one who keeps the tissue on their head. Good for learning balance, and for lots of laughs!
  • Hot Potato – Sit in a circle and find a “hot potato” to pass around. As the music plays, keep on passing it. Whoever is holding the “hot potato” when the music stops is out.
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