Music By You!

You are so creative! We invited children to compose music online and share their compositions with us. We are so thrilled to hear the music you’ve made and we were inspired to make music along with you. Check out these three compositions by kids below, and our suggested activities to go along with them. Conductor Dan also did three different musical arrangements based on each melody, and played each original piece on the trumpet! Head over and compose your own melody!

The Robot by Asher

Asher’s Robot Melody

Orchestra Arrangement

Robot Activities

Make a robot face mask to wear while listening to this piece of music. Color it your favorite robot colors and use string or pipe cleaners as a way to get it to stay on your head.

We love this fun STEAM robot to introduce robots to young children. Use just a few simple materials to create this fun doodling robot.

Joy by Drew

Drew’s Melody

Orchestra Arrangement

Joy Activities

Silly Family Fun

Check out this list of silly family fun games and ideas that will have your little ones rolling with laughter. From a challenge to move around your house without your feet ever touching the floor to turning your orange peels into silly teeth, these activities will definitely ramp up the joy in your home.

Would You Rather

Would You Rather is a fun game that lets you be silly but also creates communication and understanding between family members. All you have to do is ask someone a “Would you rather….” question with two options and that person is required to pick one of the options. Have your kids explain their reasoning to you – it’ll be fascinating what they’ve thought through. Here is a list of kid-focused “Would you rather…” questions to get you started.

Bella Mix by Isabella

Isabella’s Bella Mix Melody

Orchestra Arrangement

Bella Mix Activity

At-Home Movie Theater

Conductor Dan’s arrangement of Bella Mix would make the perfect soundtrack in an epic adventure movie. We love the idea of wrapping up the week with a cozy at-home movie theater. Turn this into a learning opportunity for your preschool and elementary-age kiddo(s) by creating a concession stand where they can purchase candy and snacks for change, or pretend money. They’ll be working on math skills, identifying currency, decision-making, and more. Watch the movie in your family’s favorite cozy movie set-up: all snuggled on the couch with big blankets, everyone on their own floor pillow throne, etc.


Listen to music composed by children and about scenes of childhood.

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