Music is the Soundtrack to Our Connections and Emotions

Any good tune can make us move our bodies, tap our toes and nod our heads; but music can also be a powerful tool for connection and expression among strangers, friends and classmates. 

At Inside the Orchestra, we’re committed to enhancing a child’s education through engaging, interactive experiences shared with others to cultivate an appreciation of music, and to enhance and promote language development, coordination, creativity, social skills, and a better understanding of one’s culture. Music is after all, a universal language transcending barriers of race, age, gender, and social class. 

Our immersive musical programming options allow children a chance to get truly “inside the orchestra,” whether at school, or during one of our orchestra concerts. Both are designed and performed by professional musicians, educators, and guest artists. 

Tiny Tots Orchestra Concerts
In-person Tiny Tots programs are 45-minute immersive, interactive concerts for kids (and their adults, too). Attendees are seated on the ground and encircled by our 30+ piece orchestra. Attend an upcoming concert and experience the orchestra for yourself. 

School Programming
All in-school programming is interactive and carefully designed to support and enhance the school curricula for children of all ages. Learn more about programming for metro Denver schools.

At Inside the Orchestra, we are committed to bringing music to children. Music selection, program design, and scripting are all geared to connect young children with music – physically, emotionally, and mentally. To learn more about Inside the Orchestra, visit

About Inside the Orchestra
Inside the Orchestra brings music to children, cultivating music appreciation and enhancing their education through engaging, interactive experiences with orchestral music. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Learn more about our values and our work in the community.

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