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Tempo and Rhythm – Let’s Jam!

4/7/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Learn all about two of the components of music that keep it moving and grooving: tempo and rhythm. All About Tempo Tempo is the speed of music - how fast or slow the music is. Let's learn about tempo. Tempo Video Babies through Middle School Listen as Conductor Dan talks... Read More

Professional vs. DIY

4/3/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

We challenged two musicians to play the famous Also Sprach Zarathustra on their usual instruments and then DIY versions of their instruments. We love how this shows that anyone can make music at home, even if you don't have any instruments. We also love how serious they took their DIY... Read More

Inside the Story – The Someone New

4/1/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

The Someone New is a wonderful story by Jill Twiss and EG Keller about being brave in the face of the new and unknown. Join us on an adventure as we read the story and explore its themes with our bodies and minds. Story Time: Watch and Listen Watch as... Read More

Pick the Parts – Mozart Edition

4/1/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Get ready to hear Mozart's famous Rondo alla Turca like you've never heard it before! About Mozart Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart Fast Facts: He is one of the best-known classical music composers. He was born in 1756 and if he were still alive today, he would be 264 years old! He... Read More

Music from Around the World

3/30/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

At our Tiny Tots programs last month, little ones and their grown-ups were encircled by our orchestra and special guest performers for a musical tour of the world. We played music from more than 12 different countries and cultures and featured 14 amazing individual guest artists. Here are just a... Read More

Multi-Sensory Music Fun

3/30/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

In many of our Inside the Orchestra performances, we work with dancers to show what music “looks like.” It’s a fun concept. After all, music is more than just sounds - it reaches so many different parts of the brain. Listening to music can spark memories or bring forward unexpected... Read More

Music Listening Activities

3/29/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Active listening is often a skill that is difficult for young children (and, who are we kidding, it can be difficult for adults as well). These activities will help engage your child in active music listening as well as teach them about the emotional, musical, and sequential characteristics of music.... Read More

Musical Bingo

3/27/2020 | Sara

What's Musical Bingo? Musical Bingo is a fun way to help learners young and old to recognize the sounds of the instruments. Your musical ears will really be put to the test as you work towards being able to shout out BINGO in victory! Musical Bingo is the same as... Read More

Let’s Learn to Conduct

3/26/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Have you ever wondered what a conductor does and how they do it? A conductor's job is to help the orchestra perform beautifully, keeping the music together and bringing out the best sounds possible as a whole group. This no-prep lesson will have you conducting in no time. Find the... Read More

Easy Music Composing for Kids

3/25/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Anyone can be a composer! Though it may seem intimidating at first, composing music does not have to be a difficult thing - by the end of this post, you'll already have composed your first (and perhaps second and third) piece of music. Learn more about composing your music and... Read More

Imagination Musical Fun

3/24/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Just because you're stuck indoors, doesn't mean you can't explore the world! Use your imagination to adventure to faraway places, imagine exotic animals, and turn yourself into fun characters. Take A Look & Listen Watch and listen as Inside the Orchestra's very own flutist, Valerie Johnson, takes you on a... Read More

All About the Instruments – Brass and Percussion Families

3/22/2020 | Sara

We've explored the string and woodwind families of the orchestra and now it's time to have some fun with the other two families of the orchestra - the brass and percussion instruments. The Brass Family The sound starts on a brass family instrument when a musician buzzes their lips into... Read More