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The Value of Your Dollar

6/18/2018 | Jean Plotkin

  Oftentimes, I think people get tripped up by the notion that philanthropy has to be expensive. They believe the only way to make a meaningful impact is to write a check with lots of zeros on it, and they’re discouraged from making charitable donations because they don’t think they... Read More

Get Amazing Family Photos and Support Inside the Orchestra

5/24/2018 | Sara

You hear it over and over when you have young children: “It all goes by so fast. Blink and they’ll be grown up.” Well, we have a fun way for you to capture these precious years while also leaving a lasting impact on the community. And it gets even better-... Read More

Spring Tiny Tots Sneak Peek

4/10/2018 | Sara

We're so excited for our Spring Tiny Tots series which starts in less than two weeks! As always, you and your littles will be able to get Inside the Orchestra as you're surrounded by 31 professional musicians, modern dancers from the Hannah Kahn Dance Company, and a singer from Central... Read More

Press Release: Inside the Orchestra Partners with Denver Center for the Performing Arts for Tiny Tots

2/14/2018 | Shelby

Contact: Shelby Mattingly Executive Director, Inside the Orchestra 303-355-7855   “It was perfect.” Inside the Orchestra Partners with Denver Center for the Performing Arts for Tiny Tots Winter 2018 Tiny Tots Series February 8TH Through March 10TH Tiny Tots: Immersive Arts Programs for All to Enjoy Denver, Colo (February... Read More

Inside the Orchestra for Adults 2018

2/13/2018 | Jean Plotkin

If you’re ever in doubt that magic exists in the world, just spend a few minutes in the presence of children. Their imaginations are limitless, unburdened by the boring confines of reality. They have no problem believing in the impossible. They’re masters of make believe, purveyors of pretend, wizards of... Read More

From Babies to the Elderly, Music Improves All Our Lives

2/6/2018 | Kate Huffman

At Inside the Orchestra, we know that having young children hear, appreciate, and participate in classical music-making is extremely beneficial to their development and well-being. From before a child is old enough to attend a Tiny Tots program through adolescence, adulthood, and in the last years of our lives, music... Read More

Tiny Tots Sneak Peek and Exploration Activities

1/29/2018 | Sara

We're getting soooo close to the start of Winter Tiny Tots. Are you as excited as we are?! We thought it would be fun to share some of the winter repertoire along with some suggestions for engaging kiddos with the music. Here’s a sneak peek of 5 pieces you’ll hear at Tiny... Read More

Beautiful Winter Scenes in Classical Music

12/19/2017 | Sara

Winter is upon us, with all of it snowy landscapes and frostbit mornings. For centuries, composers have been inspired by the beauty of the season. From depicting snow covered trees to portraying the sounds of the frozen tundra, here are five pieces that will remind you of your favorite parts... Read More

Crazy “Instruments” Used in Orchestra Music

12/18/2017 | Sara

If you joined us at our Christmas Tiny Tots performances on December 2nd, you got to see the orchestra perform the “Toy Symphony” composed by Leopold Mozart, the more famous Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s father. As the name suggests, it features some interesting toys with the orchestra including slide whistles, bird... Read More

10 Holiday Music Gifts for Kids

12/12/2017 | Kate Huffman

Have some last-minute shopping to do for your little one this holiday season? Want to support their love of music? Check out our list of ten holiday music gifts for ideas for your children! 1. Harry Potter Music Box   This charming little music box is hand-carved and plays Hedwig’s... Read More

6 Musical Holiday Activities for Children and Families

11/27/2017 | Kate Huffman

No matter what you celebrate, this time of year can come with a lot of stress - what food to cook, who will be coming over and when, what presents to buy, etc. With so many things to focus on, it can be easy to lose sight of the things... Read More

10/10/2017 | Jean Plotkin

The other day, I came across a heart-warming story about a young boy who wanted to become an opera singer. The boy grew up in a trailer park in Virginia, a disadvantaged black youth prone to violence and aggression. He spent time in a juvenile detention facility when he was 12,... Read More

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