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Inside the Orchestra Activity Guides


Music Activities for Emotional Exploration and Management

11/3/2020 | Shelby

Music is a powerful tool for expressing and processing emotions - and for finding ways to rest, get creative, and have fun. Here is a quick resource list of resources and activities for different emotions and moods. For anxious moments, here is a short playlist of soothing music along with... Read More

Búsqueda del tesoro de artes y música

9/6/2020 | Shelby

Búsqueda de tesoros Actividades artísticas Playlist ¡Vayamos a la búsqueda del tesoro! Puede quedarse en su propia casa o patio trasero o emprender una aventura aún más grande al aire libre. Una vez que haya reunido sus artículos, hay muchas cosas creativas que puede hacer. Gracias a enseñarle a la... Read More

Canciones Musicales de Pájaros

9/6/2020 | Shelby

Cantos de Pájaros Musicales Escuchar y cantar Comederos para pájaros Playlist Los compositores a lo largo de la historia han utilizado su música para contar una historia o para imitar los sonidos que escuchan a su alrededor. Algunos de los sonidos más comunes que los compositores han imitado en su... Read More

Musical Bird Songs

9/5/2020 | Sara

Musical Bird Calls Listen and Sing Birdfeeders Playlist Composers throughout history have used their music to tell a story or to imitate sounds that they hear around them. Some of the most common sounds composers have imitated in their music are bird calls. Music from hundreds of years ago all... Read More

Scott Joplin – The King of Ragtime

9/5/2020 | Sara

About Scott Joplin Coloring Page Ragtime Dances Parts of Ragtime Music Playlist Who Was Scott Joplin? Scott Joplin was an African American composer who is famous for the Ragtime style of music. Watch this short video about Joplin or read some of the facts below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDddxRUwIFc Important Facts: Share this... Read More

Explore the Instruments of the Orchestra

6/10/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Explore the Orchestra Instrument Families Playlist On this page, you can learn all about each instrument of the orchestra, what they sound like, and even test your skills by identifying instruments in a sound quiz. To start, let's explore each instrument more in depth. Click on each instrument to: Hear... Read More

Art Party

5/20/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Art Party Video Steps to Engage Guided Music and Art Activities Playlist Art Party Video We regularly release Virtual Art Parties to help you and your children connect with music and art at home. Virtual Art Parties are the perfect way for kids and adults of any age to let... Read More

88 Instruments – Story and Activities

5/20/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Story Time Piano Activities Virtual Piano DIY Instruments Playlist Watch and Listen Watch as the main character strums, picks, and plunks his way to finding the perfect instrument for him, the piano! https://youtu.be/Pjin63-EPx8 Hands-On Piano Activities Paper Piano - Babies to Elementary If you don't have a piano or keyboard... Read More

Arts and Music Scavenger Hunt

5/13/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Scavenger Hunt Arts Activities Adventure Playlist Let's go on a scavenger hunt! You can stay in your own home or backyard or go on an even bigger adventure outside. Once you've gathered your items, there are so many creative things you can do. Thank you to teaching artist Heather Hughes... Read More

Opera for Kids: Opera Conducting, Puzzle, Mad Libs, & Music

5/13/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Opera Conducting Video Parts of the Opera Puzzle Dramatic Madlibs Playlist About Opera Conducting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rlAZ42nuzk8&list=PLshc50S4ybKsgZmJMeu-sE3MUk2n_jHF- Opera Puzzle Conductor Steven explains that one of the main differences between conducting an orchestra and conducting an opera is all the different parts that have to come together in a performance. This puzzle is... Read More

Music From Around the World Part Two

5/6/2020 | Sara

Japan Australia India United States Playlist Let's explore music and arts from Japan, Australia, India, and the United States. Check out Music From Around the World Part 1 here. Japan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krXWjACzPdA&feature=emb_title Shojoji is a Japanese nursery rhyme about a hungry raccoon-dog, called a tanuki. In the song, the tanuki taps... Read More

Time to Drum!

5/5/2020 | Sara

PercussionVideos Activities: Babies - Preschool Activities: Elementary PercussionPlaylist Videos Watch as percussionist Peter Cooper tells you about the percussion instruments in the orchestra. https://youtu.be/xgsqCjgig-k https://youtu.be/DdURKKN0UYQ Percussion Activities Babies Through Preschool Pom Pom Drum Painting This is a fun activity to involve your littlest ones in both music and art-making at... Read More