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Travel the Musical World this February at Tiny Tots: Music of the World

2/4/2020 | Shelby

[DENVER, CO, February 4th--] Inside the Orchestra is proud to present the 2020 Winter Tiny Tots Concert series: Music of the World. Starting on February 15th at the McNichols Building, kids and their adults will take a trip around the musical world, exploring music from Mexico, Japan, Africa, Italy, Ireland,... Read More

5 Positive Outcomes of Music Education

12/3/2019 | Lauren Harrison

Music is a powerful learning tool for growing minds. In early childhood, music is used to mark the importance of new tasks such as cleaning up, establishing routines, or to engage with others. Continued research on the subject has shown that music has an even stronger impact than previously understood.... Read More

Songs for a Rainy Day

10/27/2019 | Lauren Harrison

Check out our playlist for music to accompany your rainy day. Classical music is full of storms – composers were often inspired by the drama of thunder and lightning and pouring rain. Some of this music explores different composers takes on storms – listen to Chopin’s light raindrops compared to Rossini’s ever-growing thunder... Read More

Outside the Orchestra: Music Movie Marathon

10/10/2019 | Lauren Harrison

There are so many amazing films that bring our love of music to the big screen. From biopics, to documentaries, to stories based on true events, movies can be a great way to teach your children about music in a relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for a rainy day, sick day, or... Read More

Get Outside the Orchestra: Outdoor Music Games for Kids

9/2/2019 | Lauren Harrison

There are dozens of musical games you can take outdoors with your kids this Labor Day. Most require little more than some space and a speaker. You can play these games at birthday parties, family reunions, BBQ's, or just for the fun of it. Musical Hide and Seek Help your... Read More

Classical Car Jams for the Whole Family

8/29/2019 | Lauren Harrison

Looking for classical music for your rush-hour commute - or for a road trip with the family? We've got you covered. One of the biggest challenges about listening to classical music in the car is that it can be so hard to hear the quiet sections (and then when you... Read More

Children’s Bedtime Music

8/24/2019 | Lauren Harrison

This peaceful playlist will help settle your little ones to sleep. Play it during their bedtime routine or after you lay them down to sleep. It features a wide variety of music, from piano solos, to instrumental trios, to string orchestras with music composed from 1730 to 1978. Franz Schubert... Read More

Classical Music 101- 14 Essential First Pieces for Kids

8/17/2019 | Lauren Harrison

Would you like to introduce your children to classical music but you're not sure where to start? We've put together a Spotify playlist of 14 essential pieces of classical music to spark curiosity and inspire your little ones. Read on below to find out more about each piece on the... Read More

Early Morning Wake-Up Soundtrack for Little Ones

8/3/2019 | Lauren Harrison

This is the perfect playlist for those early mornings with little ones. As the first rays of sun are streaming through your windows and everyone is slowly waking up, turn on this playlist as a delicate way to start the day. Check out the videos below for a bit of information on... Read More

Outside the Orchestra: Performing Arts Games for Kids

7/31/2019 | Lauren Harrison

Orchestra music is only part of the vast world of the performing arts. There are many fun and engaging activities your kids can do that are taken from the world of theater, dance, opera, and other art forms. Below are some of our favorite games that contribute to a well-rounded... Read More

Outside the Orchestra: Children’s Books all About Music

7/24/2019 | Lauren Harrison

We all know how critically important it is to read to our children. Fortunately, there is no shortage of children's books out there, covering nearly every topic you can imagine. We've put together a list of some of the best children's books about our favorite topic-music! Many of these titles... Read More

Classical Music Inspired by the Outdoors

7/20/2019 | Lauren Harrison

Explore the outdoors with this Spotify playlist. Hear the sounds of animals, of sun-spotted forests, of running brooks, and more. Read on to find out more!  Camille Saint-Saens - Carnival of the Animals: L'Elephant  Carnival of the Animals is a great piece of music for kids because it’s so easy to hear how the music relates... Read More