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Inside the Orchestra Activity Guides & Press Releases


Explore the Instruments of the Orchestra

6/10/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Explore the Orchestra Instrument Families Playlist On this page, you can learn all about each instrument of the orchestra, what they sound like, and even test your skills by identifying instruments in a sound quiz. To start, let's explore each instrument more in depth. Click on each instrument to: Hear... Read More

Art Party

5/20/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Art Party Video Steps to Engage Guided Music and Art Activities Playlist Art Party Video We regularly release Virtual Art Parties to help you and your children connect with music and art at home. Virtual Art Parties are the perfect way for kids and adults of any age to let... Read More

88 Instruments – Story and Activities

5/20/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Story Time Piano Activities Virtual Piano DIY Instruments Playlist Watch and Listen Watch as the main character strums, picks, and plunks his way to finding the perfect instrument for him, the piano! Hands-On Piano Activities Paper Piano - Babies to Elementary If you don't have a piano or keyboard... Read More

Arts and Music Scavenger Hunt

5/13/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Scavenger Hunt Arts Activities Adventure Playlist Let's go on a scavenger hunt! You can stay in your own home or backyard or go on an even bigger adventure outside. Once you've gathered your items, there are so many creative things you can do. Thank you to teaching artist Heather Hughes... Read More

Opera for Kids: Opera Conducting, Puzzle, Mad Libs, & Music

5/13/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Opera Conducting Video Parts of the Opera Puzzle Dramatic Madlibs Playlist About Opera Conducting Opera Puzzle Conductor Steven explains that one of the main differences between conducting an orchestra and conducting an opera is all the different parts that have to come together in a performance. This puzzle is... Read More

Music From Around the World Part Two

5/6/2020 | Sara

Japan Australia India United States Playlist Let's explore music and arts from Japan, Australia, India, and the United States. Check out Music From Around the World Part 1 here. Japan Shojoji is a Japanese nursery rhyme about a hungry raccoon-dog, called a tanuki. In the song, the tanuki taps... Read More

Time to Drum!

5/5/2020 | Sara

PercussionVideos Activities: Babies - Preschool Activities: Elementary PercussionPlaylist Videos Watch as percussionist Peter Cooper tells you about the percussion instruments in the orchestra. Percussion Activities Babies Through Preschool Pom Pom Drum Painting This is a fun activity to involve your littlest ones in both music and art-making at... Read More

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin!

5/4/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Story Time Music Math: Toddler - Preschool Music Math: Preschool - Elementary Music Math: Elementary Playlist Thank you to Abner Genece for reading us this fun story. Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin! is a delightful story about the instruments of the orchestra that includes some simple musical math. Watch and... Read More

Music High and Low

4/29/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Videos:Watch and Listen Move Your Body:Toddler & Early Elementary STEAM:Preschool & Elementary STEAM: Elementary & Middle Playlist:Highs & Lows Watch and Listen Woodwind musician Kathryn Simpson shows off some of the high and low note sounds in the woodwind section using her Piccolo and English Horn. Watch a silly straw... Read More

Inside the Story: Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo

4/27/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Story Time Animal Song Sensory Play Animal Yoga Animal Adaptations Playlist Story Time: Watch and Listen Teaching artist Abner Genece Reads us Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo. Zoo Animal Song Babies to Elementary School One of the reasons we love children's songs is that the lyrics... Read More

Theatre Games for All Ages

4/22/2020 | Inside The Orchestra

Sneaky Statues Biography Poem Magic Rocks Timed Categories Playlists Teaching Artist Heather Hughes has put together a great list of fun theatre games for us. We've included a suggested age range for each game. However, the point of theatre games like this is to get people out of their comfort... Read More

Music By You!

4/10/2020 | Sara

You are so creative! We invited children to compose music online and share their compositions with us. We are so thrilled to hear the music you've made and we were inspired to make music along with you. Check out these three compositions by kids below, and our suggested activities to... Read More