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Feedback is so important to us.

We always want to keep an open line of communication between us and parents, caregivers and teacher to bring excellence to our programs. Please let us know what you think. We receive feedback from teachers directly, as well as anonymous feedback in evaluation forms completed by Tiny Tots attendees.

The look of pure wonder & complete awe of the musical sounds that my children have at tiny tots is something that I feel truly blessed to experience as a parent. A truly unique and special experience for our family every time!

— Tiny Tots Feedback 2015-16

Testimonial Pic 9 This was a very valuable opportunity for our scholars to experience and connect with live music, and those who create it. It was such a joyful and eye-opening experience for all of our scholars.

— School Program 15-16

Testimonial Pic 2 Every single person affiliated with this group was kind, efficient and pleasant…I was blown away with the kindness of all involved even before we entered the concert.

— Tiny Tots Feedback 2015-16

Testimonial Pic 3 I cannot emphasize enough what an invaluable experience this was for our scholars. This was true enrichment-exposure and context to the arts that would otherwise be absent from our students’ lives.

— Michael Connolly, Strive Prep Teacher, School Program Participant 2015-16

Testimonial Pic 10 I loved all the parts. I think it had a great mixture of information and music. Some kids said they loved the face the conductor made while conducting. I told them that it was because he felt the music deep down in his soul.

— School Program 15-16

Testimonial Pic 4 I think it was the first time my daughter (3) realized how many instruments there are to make music. Her face was full of wonder.

— Tiny Tots Feedback 2015-16

Testimonial Pic 7 This program and organization is incredible!! We live in Greeley, and though it is a bit of a hike with young ones down to Denver, I cannot stop telling my friends about it. I wish we had a similar program in Greeley!! Thank you for doing such great and important work for our community. Bravo!

— Tiny Tots Feedback 2015-16

Testimonial Pic 8 I loved the seating inside the orchestra. It was neat to hear the music all around you. I thought the conductor was excellent with elementary age children, as he was funny and engaging. The entire program was clearly geared towards this age of child, and the students’ interest and engagement were high.

— Westgate Elementary Teacher, School Program Participant 15-16

Testimonial Pic 5 We absolutely love your programs! My daughter knows so many instruments and often requests “symphony” music at home. Also a big thanks for including the ballet dancers, it gives her context for her ballet classes. We look forward to continuing to attend.

— Amy Tancig-Andrle, Tiny Tots attendee seen with her daughter in this picture from February 2016 at Tiny Tots at Temple Emanuel Denver

Programs - School take 2 Thank you so much for coming to our school and exposing our students to an orchestra experience. It was nice to have something that is completely foreign to our students come to life in a familiar environment. We also enjoyed having that follow up piece with inside the conductor and having that one on one time him and hearing his personal history.

— Fairview Elementary Teacher, School Program Participant 15-16

TGHW_151026_1630 I think it is really well suited to children because of the samples of music that are played. I love this program. We’ve been three times this month.

— Tiny Tots Feedback 2015-16

student_conduct2 An overall wonderful experience and that our students will never forget.

— Schmitt Elementary Teacher, School Program Participant 15-16

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