From Shelby Mattingly – Executive Director

Inside the Orchestra is currently recruiting for three (3) section violin vacancies in the Tiny Tots orchestra – including Concertmaster for all Inside the Orchestra programs.

About Us

About Us: Inside the Orchestra (IO) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. IO brings music to children, cultivating music appreciation and enhancing their education through engaging, interactive experiences with orchestral music. IO is the only professional orchestra in the country focused solely on children, and takes pride in bringing relevant, immersive, and innovative music programming to children in a variety of ways. IO provides in-person programs that are open to the public and in-schools throughout the metro Denver school system. The majority of our in-person programs take place in the morning. Learn more about our mission and values and our commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and access.

  • Tiny Tots programs are 45-minute immersive, interactive concerts for kids 7 and under (and their adults) to get truly “inside the orchestra.” Attendees are seated on the ground and encircled by our 30+ piece orchestra. Music selection, program design, and scripting are all geared to connect young children with music – physically, emotionally, and mentally. Typically, Tiny Tots includes a meet and greet component with the audience after every concert.
  • In-School programs include pop-up recess trios, small ensembles, and full-scale in-school assemblies featuring 14-16 musicians. Like Tiny Tots, in-school programs are immersive in nature and musicians encircle the audience while performing.
  • Virtual programs highlight performers through individual performance videos, musician-hosted virtual field trips, and educational videos about instruments and music. 

Position Description

Performers are expected to rehearse and perform to a high standard as a member of IO and represent the organization as both advocates and role models before, during and after the programs. As an educational organization, a key component of our work is giving musicians face-to-face time with children. It is the responsibility of all performers to help our guests enjoy the highest quality experience we can provide. Engaging with children and their parents, teachers and guardians in a positive and educational manner, is an essential part of the program.

Key Responsibilities:

  • The concertmaster is expected to bring excellent musicianship as well as leadership to their role. This position will be expected to work with conductors and staff to present the best possible programming for the communities we serve.
  • Provide the librarian with bowings for all violin 1 parts 45 days prior to each rehearsal
  • Rehearse and perform to a high standard as a member of the Inside the Orchestra violin section.
  • Be fully prepared in advance of the first rehearsal. Preparation of parts will include all pitches, dynamics, rhythms, tempi and other musical instructions. Preparation also includes being familiar with the work to be performed.
  • Be prepared for a wide variety of immersive and non-traditional environments when playing our programs.
  • Engage with children and members of the community in thoughtful, positive, and educational ways.
  • Be prepared to perform unaccompanied solo material as agreed upon the player, Conductor and Program Director.

Trial Period: All musicians hired at Inside the Orchestra are given a one-year trial period in the orchestra, after which a determination will be made about their tenure.

Compensation & Services

These are per-service positions, with no guaranteed number of services. In a typical year, Tiny Tots will include approximately 20-30 services, with an additional 5-10 rehearsal dates. These numbers are currently reduced due to COVID.

The Concertmaster will be performing in all types of programs we offer – Tiny Tots, in-school assemblies, small ensembles, trio performances, and virtual programming. Expected number of services in a typical year for the concertmaster position will be 40-60, with an additional 5-15 rehearsal services. These numbers are currently reduced due to COVID.

Compensation: Double Service for performances: $143.21 per 2.5 hour call time, with an additional 5.5% contribution to the player’s pension fund. Other compensation and expectations laid out in collective bargaining agreement with Denver Musicians’ Association. Concertmaster gets an additional 25% on in-person services.

Auditions & Application

Inside the Orchestra is committed to equity, diversity, inclusion and access. As such we strongly encourage applicants that represent the rich diversity of our city, including individuals that identify as a person with a disability, LGBTQIA+, or Black, Indigenous, Latino/a/x/e or a person of color (BILPOC).

Auditions will be held on October 25, 2021 at 10395 West Colfax, Lakewood CO 80215.


  • For audition information, please submit a resumé with email address and phone number to jobs@insidetheorchestra.org
  • You will be given an audition time by email. Auditions will be blind and will involve up to two rounds of playing in the same day. Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the United States.
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