Spring Tiny Tots Sneak Peek

We’re so excited for our Spring Tiny Tots series which starts in less than two weeks! As always, you and your littles will be able to get Inside the Orchestra as you’re surrounded by 31 professional musicians, modern dancers from the Hannah Kahn Dance Company, and a singer from Central City Opera. If you were able to join us this winter, you’ve already seen the amazing new performer we’ve added: a teaching artist from the Denver Center for the Performing Arts. The teaching artist acts as a narrator and tour guide for the program, allowing the kids to interact with the orchestra in new and dynamic ways.

This spring will feature music all about heroes and their journeys- from superheroes to the everyday heroes in all of our lives. So dust off that Wonder Woman cape and get ready to save the world as you listen to a sneak peek of the music you’ll experience during our spring series.

Superman March

We couldn’t play music all about heroes without including the Superman March! John Williams composed this music for the 1978 Superman movie. Listen to its triumphant trumpets and soaring strings as you watch John Williams himself conduct this piece in this video.

The Moldau

What is a hero story if it doesn’t involve a journey? The Moldau is a tone poem about a river of the same name from Smetana’s piece “Ma Vlast,” or My Homeland in English. Just as the river grows in real life as new tributaries merge, the music grows louder as we travel through the piece. Imagine a hero on a voyage, sailing down a long river, the open grasses and skies of the countryside behind him or her. Better yet, join our flute player Valerie on a quick imagination adventure that involves The Moldau!

Ride of the Valkyries

Opera is full of heroes and villains who face off in the most fantastical stories. The Valkyries are strong and powerful woman from Norse mythology who decide the fate of heroes (and all else who enter into battle). Wagner’s opera Die Walkure is all about the Valkries, and Ride of the Valkyries is one of the best known pieces of music from all of his operas. Listen as the Valkyries ride off into battle.

You’ve Got a Friend In Me

Heroes are more than just mythical people who wear capes and fight bad guys. Some of the most important heroes are the people we interact with every day- our friends. Our friends help us overcome hard times and celebrate the good, so grab some friends and listen to this last piece. And make sure you invite them along with you to Tiny Tots!

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