Outdoor Activities

Time to Drum!

Percussion Videos Watch as percussionist Peter Cooper tells you about the percussion instruments in the orchestra. Percussion Activities for Babies – Preschool Pom Pom Drum Painting This is a fun activity to involve your littlest ones in both music and art-making at the same time! This tutorial makes drum sticks out of pom-poms and wooden …

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Sneaky Statues Theatre Games

Sneaky Statues Theatre Games From the Activity Guide:  Theatre Games for All Ages Age Range: Preschool Through Middle School Age Where to Play: Anywhere with room to move around Number of People: Two or more How to play: One person is the museum caretaker getting ready to close up for the night.  They walk into …

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Zoo Animal Song

Zoo Animal Song From the Activity Guide: Inside the Story: Never Play Music Right Next to the Zoo

Theatre Games for All Ages

Teaching Artist Heather Hughes has put together a great list of fun theatre games for us. We’ve included a suggested age range for each game. However, the point of theatre games like this is to get people out of their comfort zone and to become comfortable with being uncomfortable and silly, so you can really …

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STEAM for Preschool – Elementary

STEAM for Preschool – Elementary From the Activity Guide: STEAM for All Ages Homemade water xylophones allow kids to hear and see the science of sound in action. Follow this easy tutorial to create your own water xylophone at home. Engage your kids in the scientific process by following these steps: Create your hypothesis: What …

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Musical Games: The Classics

Musical Games: The Classics From the Activity Guide: Musical Games! Bring back some oldies-but-goodies using the upbeat playlist below. Musical Chairs – You know this classic game. You can play it with a bigger family or a super frenzied version with just a few people. When you stop the music, everyone has to grab a …

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All About Rhythm

All About Rhythm From the Activity Guide: Tempo and Rhythm – Let’s Jam! Rhythm in music is patterns of long and short notes combined together. Rhythm is what gives the music it’s groove. Rhythms can be simple- a song like Twinkle, Twinkle Litte Star has the same quarter note rhythm throughout the whole piece. Or …

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